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Welcome to the official website of VEKON – a distinguished company with a rich history in the field of electrical apparatus, particularly renowned for its expertise in Polarized Magnetic Relays (PMR), RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breakers), MCB (Miniature Circuit Breakers), and RCBO Breakers.

Established several decades ago, VEKON has thrived over the years, thanks to the unwavering concern and support of our valued stakeholders. Through continuous dedication and perseverance, we have overcome challenges, emerging stronger in the dynamic landscape of RCCB technologies.

In response to the rapidly changing global economy and markets, VEKON recognizes the need for constant evolution. As enterprises navigate a landscape marked by opportunistic competition and development, VEKON is at the forefront, contributing significantly to the advancement of electrical apparatus.

At this pivotal juncture of upgrading and development, VEKON remains committed to strategic initiatives. Our focus extends to technology innovation, facility enhancement, talent cultivation, market expansion, performance optimization, cost reduction, and efficiency improvement. Our goal is to consistently provide customers with safe and stable products, aligning with the highest international standards.

As VEKON continues to navigate the currents of innovation and progress, we extend our gratitude to all our friends, stakeholders, and partners who have supported us throughout our journey. Together, let us work towards a mutual, beneficial future, contributing to a brighter tomorrow for VEKON and the electrical apparatus industry as a whole.

Company Background

   - Founded: 2002
   - Registered Capital: 20.4 million RMB
   - High-tech Enterprise and New Third Edition listed company (Stock Code: 836164)
   - Over 300 employees, including 20 design engineers and 15 quality management personnel.

   - Monthly production of 1.5 millions of PMR, 4 millions pole of MCB and 450 thousands of RCCB.


   - Focus on research, development and production.
   - Products include Magnetic Relay, RCCB/RCBO, MCB Breakers, AFDD, Main Switches, etc.

Partnerships and Business Reach

   - Long-term partnerships with major domestic enterprises (Chint, Delixi, Shanghai Nader, Sassin, Schneider).
   - Business presence in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Africa etc.

Customer Recognition

   - Reliable product performance and quality assurance.
   - After-sales service system well-acknowledged by customers.

Certifications and Quality Management

   - Product safety certifications (CE, CB, SEMKO, TUV, ROHS, UKCA).
   - ISO9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 quality management certification.

Development of VeKON

◇On 17th, Aug. 2002
Yueqing VEKON Technology Co.,Ltd established

◇On 12th, Nov. 2010
Zhejiang VEKON Technology, Co.,Ltd

◇On 22nd Oct. 2015
Vekon became a holding company.

◇On 7th,Mar, 2016
Vekon became new OTC(over-the-counter) market listed company.

Since 2016, VEKON entered into a fast growing development period, with more and more mature manufacturing technology and innovation, mature marketing sales system from domestic and abroad.

Culture of VeKON

◇ Business philosophy: "customer first, realistic and trustworthy"
◇ Management policy: "strives for the survival by the quality, seek development by innovation"
◇ Quality standard: "customer satisfaction, integrity management, quality assurance, scientific and technological innovation"
◇ Staff values: attitude decides everything idea influence life value achievements of the future.

Vekon's Honor

Vekon has been recognized and awarded several distinctions, including:

 ◇ National High-Tech Enterprise
  Zhejiang Province Specialized and New Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME)
 ◇ Zhejiang Province Science and Technology-based SME
 ◇ Zhejiang Province Innovative SME
 ◇ Wenzhou City High-Tech Enterprise Research and Development Center
 ◇ Yueqing City Growing Enterprise 

These accolades highlight the Vekon's achievements and contributions in the areas of technology, innovation, and growth, both at the provincial and national levels.