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Vekon Magnetic Relays for Residual Current Device
Date:2024.01.06 Views:434
Vekon develops, produces and sells high quality electrical switching and protective devices in the low voltage range for the safety of persons and equipment. A key factor for our success in this field is the technological expertise in residual current protection, acquired over decades of experience. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the development and manufacture of magnetic tripping relays, many reputable producers of residual current devices depend on our magnetic relay today.

Expert advice, custommade solutions

We competently advise and support our customers in designing residual current devices. With our calculation programme for current transformers and our magnetic relay know-how, we offer technically optimised and economical package solutions.

  •  Calculation of optimal current transformer dimensions
  •  Determining the number of primary and secondary windings
  •  Electronic design of residual current devices
  •  Dimensioning of magnetic shield plates
  •  Advice for optimal coupling to the RCD switching mechanism